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How to Prepare Your Yacht for Winter

The colder months are when most yacht owners look to do their maintenance before the new season begins. This is a small guide to prepare for the winter.

Despite any year-round events or winter sailing competitions, the colder months are typically the time for yacht owners to prepare their vessels for the season ahead. With a list of chores as long as your mast, where do you begin when the time comes to freshen up your yacht? In our latest blog, Nick Cox Yacht Chandler tell you how to prepare your yacht for winter.

Lymington Harbour

Remove Any Moisture

For any yacht or any boat, mildew and mould are poisonous. To rid your yacht of any blight, be sure to clean, wipe and then dry every surface down below. Remove any cushions from seats, or stand them on edge, and leave no nook or cranny to dry naturally. When learning how to prepare your yacht for winter, the key is in being meticulous; mould and mildew can spread, so take your time and make sure you leave no stone unturned. Once you have wiped the surfaces down, dry them manually to make sure there is no moisture left on your deck and your yacht will be sparkling for the new sailing season. To make this process easier and far less arduous, recruit the help of an electric or crystal dehumidifier, or an electrical heater, to help keep your boat warm, dry and free of any condensation while you wait for your boat to dry out.

Oil and Lubricate Any Moving Parts

Learning how to prepare your yacht for winter does not just stop at the aesthetics. When the new sailing season rolls in, you are going to want to make sure your yacht is in full, working order. For any moving metal parts, such as hinges and latches, applying a moisture-displacing lubricant will not only clean these parts but will also make sure they are slick and ready for the spring.

Boat Cover

Buy A Cover

Prevention is nine-tenths of the law when learning how to prepare your yacht for the winter, so be sure to accommodate for the bad weather by purchasing a weather resistant cover for your yacht. It is not always practical to be out in the harbour cleaning your boat every weekend, so by purchasing a high-quality cover, you save yourself the time and effort of cleaning the vessel by allowing the cover to bear the brunt of the winter weather. These tips and tricks are not the only steps you need to take when preparing your yacht for the winter, however. Make sure you check the underside of your hull for any algae and apply the necessary coats of antifouling paint, and carry out any routine maintenance tasks, such as replacing any worn objects, cleaning and washing every inch of your yacht and checking the performance of your yacht. Another good tip for maintaining your yacht in the off-season is to consider running mousing lines. By doing this, you will be able to remove your halyards, ensuring that all of your lines last longer and that they are in full working order for the new season. The winter is also the perfect time for you to remove your sails and send them off to the sailmakers for any repairs that need doing.

If you wish to find out more about how to prepare your yacht for winter, contact Nick Cox Yacht Chandler today on 01590 673489 or send us a message using the online chat function.

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